Safest  battery, Longer Life, Swap-able ! 


Safest battery available with thermal runway protection


Designed to operate at high temperatures, even as high as 45 °C 


Longer Life, 5 Years Warranty

Management: SoH, SoC, etc 

48 / 60 V; more than 2 kWhr

Ideal for Swapping

Ideal for Swapping in multi modal (3W/2W) application


Simplifies reuse and recycling

with atmost Safety, High Energy Density,
Long Life, Recyclability.
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Nishant Ranjan


Nishant is a technocrat. His previous work experiences include being CTO of venture capital-funded, reputed business, as leader of algorithmic trading product/service company and stints with outsourcing majors such as Infosys and Capgemini. He has been educated in some of the most reputed educational institutes including the IIT-Kharagpur. At Zeuva, he gets his hands into everything.

About us

Manoj Bhataria

Co-Founder + CTO

Manoj’s has developed a deep understanding of the technology involved in non-conventional energy sources and has hands-on experience with fuel cells, solar energy (PV and thermal), lithium-ion batteries and ultra-capacitors. As CTO of Zeuva, Manoj’s primary focus is on hardware development and DFM.

Ashita Varma


Ashita is a pillar for Zeuva, she has been there since day one and seen the ups  and downs at Zeuva. She is an Architectural engineer and project manager by profession. Her background in Electrnics and Physics attracts her into this business.

At Zeuva, she currently takes care of HR & Accounting and keeps an overall eye on the business.

Vivek Dawange


Vivek is straight out of college and leading a startup. He has a genuine interest in thermal engineering of batteries and has moved the ball many leagues for Zeuva. He has a keen eye for execution.

At Zeuva, Vivek is into everything which moves the ball.


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